Customize The Ideal Space

Discover the ideal workspace & business property using an integrated solution
Experience KARINA for Tenant Management

A quick fix solution for your working space that optimizes your business performance with friendly and attractive UI
Maintain uncontrolled cost by changing to digitalization
Boost your sales confidence when selling your space in anytime
Real-time information you have to convince your customer
Can be integrated with various existing ERP System

Enable to find the ideal workspace and improve your operational procedures
Accelerated analysis performance

-A quick summary report through a total tenant-paid transaction, unpaid transaction, completed and uncompleted transaction
-Spend less time searching with Short-cut features to activate a frequently-used command
-Recent Update to provide your daily information and insight in real-time
Gather all the information quickly through unit management tools

– Make the most personalized unit type through the platform to fit the way work
– Effortlessly grouping unit hierarchy to define area, city, building, and floor
– Easily create and update new pricelist in hourly/monthly basis
Keep you informed with the all-in-one-data tenant

- Automate tracking data history and tenant information
- Make the process of bringing a new tenant on board at a new place of work easier
- Conveniently relocate to the new workspace with relocation features
Contract Management

- Create Letter of Offering and submit lists the proposed prices for the tenant’s unit and items
- Collecting all information by monitoring the tenant’s status regularly
- Reserve meeting and event room for your tenant’s need

Karina Tenant Management

Karina designed and developed to meet all your needs and can help you to improve almost all your business operations from monitoring payments to managing maintanance request