Odoo Marketing Apps
Create automatic & targeted marketing campaigns
Segment your prospects database to deliver the right message to the right prospect at the right time.
Marketing automation
Automate every department’s business processes
An efficient lead management system
Enable an integrated approach to generating, nurturing and converting leads into customers.
Generate leads through your Odoo Website, Odoo Email Marketing, and Odoo Events.
Within Odoo CRM, score your leads based on demographic & behavioral criteria.
Segment your low quality leads according to their goals & interests and feed them through relevant lead nurturing campaigns.
Craft sophisticated end-to-end customer journeys
All the time-saving tools you need to grow your business; Bank Synchronization, Invoicing, Manage Bills & Expenses, Easy Reconciliation.
Automate much more than just emails
Create end-to-end customer journeys and use workflows to automate tasks such as moving a lead forward in your sales funnel, assigning engaged prospects to your sales team, updating a record and more.
Email Marketing
Email Marketing Made Easy.
Segment your database
Optimize your results by sending your campaigns to targeted groups within your database. Select leads, customers, or any other group from your contacts list by country, by date, by function and more, all designed to make sure you send your content only to the people you want to share your campaign with.
Works on any device
Be sure that your email newsletter is optimally displayed on every screen – whether it is a tablet, mobile phone, laptop, or desktop computer. Our dynamic content will adapt automatically to your subscriber’s screen by adjusting spacing and optimizing images, offering comfortable readability on any device.
Build awesome campaigns Start from scratch or pick one of our themes.
Focus on selling
great services
Save time on routine tasks and focus on growing revenue