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How Microsoft Office 365 can Save the Day during Covid-19 Breakout ?

It was only a few days after WHO confirmed Coronavirus as a pandemic, the breakout finally affecting Indonesia. Jakarta, the city where I am working at, has the majority of covid-19 infections. A recent update has been 172 cases confirmed with 5 deaths due to virus. With respective stats, putting pressure on the Government to begin massive roll-out tests and exercising social distancing. “It is time to work from home, study from home and worship from home,” President Jokowi said in a press statement.

For Kano, working remote is not a new experience. It is an option that Kano’s employee could opt for because we often have to work with a group of people located geographically remote each other. We have been equipped with a powerful tools that enable us to work and collaborate comfortably everywhere and anytime.

Office365 is one of the tools empowering our remote working. So how exactly really Office365 can help me to do my remote work?

A satisfied young businesswoman enjoys working at home while drinking coffee at her home. (pict: by yanalya)

Microsoft Office 365 package is designed to be able to be mobile. To remain active and productive, Microsoft Office 365 features management solutions to ease your business, personalized data visualization, and easier communication channels to increase efficiency and productivity. What are the benefits of Microsoft Office 365 to make office management more efficient?

  1. Mobile and real-time integration, we certainly don’t spend time at the office every time or have to meet with clients outside the office. With Microsoft Office 365 Cloud-Based we can access Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook from our own device.
  2. Integrated with other smart devices such as Microsoft Teams and OneDrive for Business that makes it easier for  us to share data with coworkers even without meeting them
  3. Always updated, Microsoft Office 365 allows us to get the latest updates from applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. A little different from its previous versions is this update only needs a monthly subscription.

If you are interested in Microsoft Office 365 and want to make a subscription, you can contact our sales representative here .


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