Kano Integrated Employee Self Service
Empower Employees To Get Better Experiences

Improve efficiency and accuracy including reducing paperwork, streamlining employee data, managing payroll and benefits
Experience Kainess for Remote Attendance

Get an in-depth insight on employees performance and productivity
24 jam
24/7 services access through mobile device or office device
Transparency tracking and fulfilled employees information
save time
Eliminate time-consuming by allowing employees to send a document through application
Increase transparency, maximizing efficiency and accuracy with employee-friendly service

Give employees the ability to access and update their own data with anything related to their employment
Employee Control and Engagement

- Update personal details such as resume, family information, employment, certificate, warning letter, medical record, another document
- Access and evaluate the attendance to eliminate inaccurate information
- Easily handling the time-off (leave) request electronic and organizes in one place
Expenses Management

- Provides online transparency payslip and loan request information and decreasing time-consuming
- Arrange and manage own business trip instantly
- Direct access to seek opportunities for training and advancement
Benefits Management

- Enable you to claim medical health easily from the comfort of your device
- Find out about your availability meal voucher, almost expired and expired voucher
Compliances Management

- Provides compliances system to reduce mistake and avoid penalties, fines, and a potential lawsuit
- Encourage employee for two-way communication and request assistance

KAINESS Employee Self Services

Free yourself from paper! its time to manage your own employment