Kano Customer Service Solution
Revolutionize the way you handle ticketing issues

Customers can communicate their problems as they need
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Best Practices Ticketing System From Identification to Resolution

Real-time integration mechanism for capturing, monitoring and reporting on ticketing issues


Enhancing service quality, speed up improvement and providing customer with efficient support


 Searchable ticketing data history and easily find the solution on knowledge base menu


Seamlessly integrated with web apps and mobile apps android and iOS 24/7


Capturing and Categorizing Tickets Correctly To Lead Proper Solution
Centralized all information in one placed

- A comprehensive overview to, generate consistent and meaningful reporting on tickets and performance levels
- Fully overview allows representative to be organized, focused, efficient and effective on handling incidents
- Captured all information in one place to free up valuable time for more important work
Customers are able to communicate their issues in the way they prefer

- Provides representative to create document issues or ticket. The ticket is shared between both the rep and the customer and logs their communication to one continuous thread
- Enable the representative to address the ticket based on the priority immediately
- Simply uploading document through Android and IOS mobile app
Its time to manage the issue

- Identify and provide clear ticket's status and prioritize important ticket to fixing urgent issues first
- The stored tickets help reps to make a costumer service analytics to improve end-user satisfaction
- Tickets can be reopened though if either party has any additional follow-up questions or requests
Compatible mobile device with Android and iOS

- Seamlessly integrated with Android and iOS to make everything visible and gives a clear idea of what is happening inbusiness
- Improved timeliness of information and greater data accuracy due to direct integration with Android and iOS

KASTOMER Customer Service Solution

A fit-for-purpose ticketing system to help organizations prevent major incidents