Maximize your visibility with a range visualization and reporting tools by using KANO Solution to increase efficiency into a single system

Break up siloed business operations
Break up siloed business operations
No worry about siloed business operation get the accesss to collaborate with many stakeholders on an open and secure network
Efficiency of the logistics process

Optimize Decision Making

Increase efficiency of logistic process by using real time information and find the best way to automate logistics collaboration
Cut the cost of integrating your value chain
Cut the cost of integrating your value chain
Get swift solutions by digitilizing your communication standards across your complete network of logistics processes
What's right for your logistic

Kano provides a shopisticated technology with a central entry point to manage logisitic transaction, exchange documents with key business partners and gain transperancy across the complete value chain

Freight logistics collaboration
  • Support third-party logistics providers
    and their business partners
  • Manage transactions jointly and share insights across the value chain
  • Oversee the complete freight order lifecycle, from contracting to reporting
    and invoicing
Tracking and tracing
  • Get visibility into your goods in transit to optimize your logistics supply chain
  • Avoid costly firefighting by notifying relevant stakeholders about deviations from the plan
  • Handle deviations from the plan during purchase, sales, and freight order fulfillment
Order and appointment planning
       and check-in
  • Improve resource use to reduce idle time
  • Plan incoming and outgoing transport with more system support and collaboration
  • Manage gate-in and gate-out processes more efficiently
Integration capabilities and monitoring
  • Use comprehensive graphical monitoring to identify, avoid, and solve potential issues with insight
  • Manage the end-to-end processes in the cloud
  • Manage the end-to-end processes by integrating supply chain management software in the cloud
Execution and processing
  • Deliver products and services faster and improve customer service
  • Manage processes and employees efficiently with mobile and comprehensive planning capabilities
  • Optimize configuration more comprehensively
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