KANO will help to figure out what retailers needs about current, upcoming and planned innovations to help them connect with consumer.

Industry-rich functionality

Serve The Segment of One 

While customer-centricity is meant to serve all customers, the next generation of personalization will serve the segment of one
Customer experience
Implement Digital Supply Chains
Deliver high value to shoppers and consumers with integrated digital supply chains
modern user interface
Run Smart Stores
Use experience management technology to turn customers into advocates, employees into ambassador and brands into obsession
Utilize digital transformation to unlock potential business

Interfacing with all related businesses from workforce to consumer and capture every opportunity  by utilizing IoT and digital technology

Omnichannel Marketing
  • Customer Profile Management
  • Enterprise Preference and Consent Management
  • Audience Targeting and Segmentation
  • Marketing Planning and Budgeting
  • Sales Lead Management
  • Digital Asset Management
Customer-Centric Merchandising
  • Distribution Curve Analytics
  • Transfer and Storage of Sales and Inventory Data
  • Project Resource Management
  • Product Data Management
  • Store and Account Clustering
  • Store Layout Management
  • Retail Price Management
  • Promotional Offer Management
Procurement Excellence
  • Sourcing and Contract Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Purchase Order Execution
  • Self-Service Requisitioning
  • Invoice and Payables Management
  • Private Label Manufacturing
Digital Supply Chain
  • Extended Warehouse Management
  • Advanced Transportation Management
  • Track and Trace and Logistics Networks
  • Forecasting, Allocation, and Replenishment Management
  • Inventory and Order Response
Deliver a unified customer experience
  • Retail Store Management
  • Commerce Management and Personalisation
  • Customer Service
  • Sales Order Management
  • Claims, Returns, and Refund Management
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